Mission and Values

Our Mission: Fairhill Community Church of God exists to be a Christ-centered church growing Christ-centered people who Gather in Christ, Grow like Christ, Give to Christ, and Go for Christ all to the Glory of Christ.

Core Values:

We at Fairhill Community Church of God believe the purpose of our ministry reflects our core values, which are:

  1. That worship for the believer is like breathing is for human life, and opportunities need to be provided for both congregational and individual worship.
  2. That lost people matter to God, and that we should engage in intentional evangelism.
  3. That we are in the process of becoming fully devoted followers of Christ, and that we need to cooperate with the work of the Spirit of God in making disciples.
  4. That we are committed to building a faith-community, where people can belong, and that fellowship with other believers help us face life’s problems with the support and encouragement we need. 
  5. That we are committed to being good stewards of all of our resources, that everything we are and have belongs to Christ, and we are to be responsible caretakers of the material resources and spiritual gifts that God has entrusted to us.